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Close up of some of my desk, in a test image using my new Canon G9X Camera.
CLICK ON IT - it is a fighteningly good image.
Doc working on Booster Vaccinations - get yourself vaccinated

The Likelyhood of Global War

It looks very bad right now for the Ukraine and this is the closest in my lifetime that the world is near global conflict. 20 years of failed pacifist foreign policy is pushing the planet to the brink - even to nuclear war, with hot spots in the Ukraine, China, Yemen, The South China Sea, Lebanon, Iran, Kurdistan, Pakistan, North Korea. The UN has been shown to be totally morally bankrupt and politically incompetent. Our inter-dependence without regard for political or moral consideration has proven to be our weak point and the world is now a powder keg as the West has preserved and strengthened genocidal despots all across the globe from China, Russia, and the Middle East. Events are overtaking us and spinning out of control. We are entering a very dark time and humanity itself is threatened at every turn, socially, economically and politically.

I would like to look back a year from now and see that I was mistaken about this, and that as the world comes into 2023 that it enters a safer and freer place where individual rights and peace reign about the world. But I see nothing in the present to cement that as a likely outcome from a society that is increasingly accepting of being under surveillance by government and private conglomerates, and truly ruthless tyrants who are willing to throw the dice and bet that through violence that they can fulfil their fantasies of global conquest and personal glory. That would include China, Iran, and Russia, but not only.

Entering Fall and Winter in Post-Pandemic COVID-19 Brooklyn

This is the private Domain of Ruben Safir. It is a nearly 25 year old compendium of living experience, family experience, story telling, and shared culture. I have six children (Talyah Leah, Shoshan Rivka, Dovid Shimon, Itka Shira, Aviva Rochel, and Schmuel-Lieb Eliezar), and 3 grandchildren. The site contains many thousands of photographs, images, a resource section of archived news articles, many of which have otherwise disappeared from the internet, and many kids pictures sprinkled throughout. Due to my personal interestest you will find here substantial information here on Brooklyn, Free Software, Linux, Jewish information, history, the fine arts, Israel, events, and more. Take a look at the site map menu for categories that I've added to most of these pages

Over the last few years, I've been slowly reorganizing this site according to the site map. In the process, I've done a lot of recent writing and trying to get more of the images into organized compartments and onto webpages. I hope you find some of this material useful.

I've recently been struggling, as a web designer, in finding a compromise between making pages cellphone/tablet compatable or making use of the full desktop screen. The problem, of course, is that people have moved away from desktops to the small devices. Truthfully that sucks.

Just as the technology for video and photography is finally reaching the capacity to produce truly analogue quality, even museum quality, images, video and sound, people are being stripped of the full experience, and jettisoned to the their tablets. That not only limits their experience, but also prevents them from owning their own data. Ideally, your desktop systems are running your home and offices, and your phone is just a satellite to your home and office servers. We have a situation where the tail is wagging the dog. Partly out of frustration, I have decided (actually starting with the post of that above image of my desk), to stop robbing viewers of the full depth of media which I can produce, and to expand image sizes and videos. Fuck it. Nobody visits anyway and google refuses to list my considerable writings in a strange form of censorship. So I think I will start to display images and videos at their most effective size for full desktop display. Anyway, I almost always have Easter egg images all about the site, so don't be afraid to click on things.

Basic Contact Information:

Everything here, at least what has been produced by me, has been written with VIM, and the graphics have been created with the GIMP and other Free Software. EMBPERL, modperl, Perl and Python are used for development. I try to keep all graphics as PNG or JPG files.


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Now on to matters of interest

There are a lot of images buried in this webserver. I never thought of myself as a photographer, and I make no claim, but here we are. Starting with my Cannon AE-1 on film, until today, with my Cannon T3I rebel and my new G9X, I've managed to rack up thousands of images, and many of them are worth seeing, just for artistic purposes. I think I will start posting a few of them here, just to exhibit them and to give regular viewers something to enjoy from month to month.

  1. Photo Gallery October 2020
  2. Photo Gallery November 2020
  3. Photo Gallery December 2020
  4. Photo Gallery January 2021
  5. Photo Gallery April 2021
  6. Photo Gallery November 2021
  7. Photo Gallery May 2022
  8. Photo Gallery August 2022
  9. Photo Gallery November 2022
  10. Photo Gallery Febuary 2023
  11. Photo Gallery June 2023
Shoshana's Birthday was celebrated at Granma Esthers house. She had not seen the children for sometime as they were in Wisconcin. It was a delightful day in the ebb of her life.
Shoshana Rivka's Art work. I encouraged her, as an ungergraduate at Kingsboro to take a diverse number of college classes and subject until she could discover what it was that she wanted from her education. She was much better of a painter than she ever thought she would become.
Shoshana modeling her new California jacket that we purchased in Sausalito. Her natural brown hair is so beautiful and she always had natural grace and class.
Not a great shot but one of the only pics of our 7th Child, Tookster our African Grey Parot. This shot is from 2011
The 2011 Storm that NYC buckled under. Buses, Cabs, Mass Transit all completely stalled. It was a complete shutdown.
After the same storm in 2011. Look at that thick painted sky. It is a Dutch masters dream. This is from the D Train in Boro Park - 2011
They tore a building down giving me a rare oppurtunity to take this view of the Lipstick building and 3rd Avenue from an otherwise impossible vantage point.
I just stumbled on this building while wandering from BedSty to Williamsburg. It is an abondoned synaguage. called Ahawath Sholom BethAaron on 98 Scholes St.
A blurry image but worthwhile showing Shoshana and Aviva getting ready for Purim!

Porgies in Hand
Fishing in Brooklyn

COVID019, Science and Public Policy

Horse Racing at Sheepshead Bay

Nechama Sussman letter of recomendation from Refuah Health Center in South Fallsburg. This is a very special girl.